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Options Plus Care
Life Choices for Mothers and Babies

‘Options’ Help Mothers Choose and ‘Care’ Lightens the Burden

Give people what they need: food,  … clean air, …  pleasant homes to live in, … work ….Don’t ask who deserves it. Every human being deserves it.”― Howard Zinn: Professor at the University of Paris,  social activist, Author.


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Options Plus Care

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Our Foundations

Options Plus Care (OPC) was initially established in 2001 through a vision of the Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah, which was to see ‘Abortion made history’ in Australia. It ran as a faction of Catch the fire Ministries in Melbourne’s South East till 2016. We had a break for a while due to staff shortages, yet care has always been available should we be contacted for help. On viewing the recent anti-Abortion movie, Unplanned, our current team members felt impacted by the story of Abby Johnson and the current corrupt abortion industry. So much so that we have formed a truly committed and passionate team to serve women who feel they have no other option but to terminate their pregnancy. For this reason, Option plus Care has now reopened  and are focused on saving as many unborn lives as possible.

About Options Plus Care (OPC) Centre

We recognize the child in the womb as a living human being having senses, personality and will with the potential to be competent, confident, creative and possessing the ability to learn.

Options Plus Care respects and values all unplanned pregnancies, couples and their families. We aim to develop friendship, care a sense of belonging and a safe place to be for mother and baby. We are committed to providing options that will facilitate better life choices for pregnant mothers, their unborn child/ren and the extended family. We will endeavour to create an environment that will introduce wellbeing, hope, a secure lifestyle and unlimited possibilities.

Love and care for both the life of Mother and Child!

The OPC Program

The OPC team has a realistic understanding of what is needed for support during pregnancy and  in early parenting. The service is staffed by a responsible compassionate team of volunteers, overseen by the Director of the Company, Daniel Nalliah. All staff and volunteers have life experiences, training and access to professional training specific to their role. 

Our vision is to see women take their pregnancies to full term by offering options, care and or support during any stage of pregnancy and to encourage and empower new and old mums through their pregnancies.

We provide practical, material and emotional support, and will connect clients to any professional services they require.

Our People:

Emergency Phone #: 03 9703 1766
(an on-call number- will be set up)
A Team member will be rostered  on to take calls.
Until then ring A H. Yvonne on 0414 870 453

Our Philosophy

We uphold the rights of the unborn whom we recognize as children, as is defined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) and believe every unborn child has the right to be safe within the womb, to be valued and respected for who they are, to have a chance to grow and reach their full potential; this will include the right to learn, express themselves, explore their feelings, and have a voice in the world.

Each unborn child and his/her mother is cherished as unique individuals, whom we understand will have a wide range of needs, as well as capabilities, and would be wanting to express their ideas, interests and culture.

We recognize every unborn child will be part of a family that has responsibilities that extend into the local community and beyond, even to an international culture in some cases.

We value the many and diverse people groups in our society and their lifestyles. We will endeavour to empower and support all people that seek our help to have a voice and to play an active role in the development of their unborn child.

Our Commitment to Families

We acknowledge that the families serve as a baby’s first teacher and we respect and value their contribution. We would seek to establish relationships (based on respect) with mothers and their families which we would hope will foster strong partnerships between our Carers and the families we support.

We encourage and promote the family involvement and the many aspects of family life. We value and respect individual parenting skills and lifestyle choices which are a part of one’s inherited background and endeavour to be a facility where all individuals and families are welcomed.

A Family is what you make it.

Our Commitment to the Community

We believe children are citizens from conception and have the potential to be active participants in the community. We would encourage mothers, babies and families to be connected and involved in the local community, taking advantage of the many learning facilities available and to have a sense of belonging and an awareness of the world around them. We honor and respect the traditional custodians of the land on which we live. We are committed to reconciliation having awareness of the past and the ongoing connection to the land of Indigenous Australians.

Our View on Diversity and Religion

Australia is diverse and we support this through sharing and celebrating aspects of the many different people groups, their families, children and the rich diversity they bring to our community.

We accept that similarities and differences occur between all individuals. We understand and appreciate the diversity of the many ethnicities through inclusion, and through having meaningful, community involvement.

Options Plus Care believes in, equality, equity, and social justice. We will endeavour to advocate for a fairer and just society by recognising the views of others on race, culture, religion, family composition, immigration and other issues.

We are wonderfully and fearfully made


Having said all the above we are fundamentally Christian and will not compromise those values which we are grounded in: We believe in one creator God with whom we can have a personal relationship.  God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, and able to help, sustain and save us from all manner of strife and life-threatening circumstances.

This is the basis of our love, strength and compassion for our fellow man.

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Baby has Perfect Feet at 10 weeks!

Adoption is an Option

Easy steps to choosing Adoption

If you cannot keep your child and you don’t really   want to choose termination through abortion. Your Baby can give hope to a childless couple and become a member of a loving family.

Options Plus Care (OPC) can walk you through these steps and assist you with the adoption process, helping with agencies and foster carers.

Call an adoption professional

Understanding adoption (US link) is the first step in your d decision-making process. If you have already decided that you would like to put your baby up for adoption, an adoption professional will help you make a plan and discover your needs during your pregnancy. If you have not made your decision, he or she will explain the process to you and give you all the information you need to make a decision.

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