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“The Power of Parents and Grandparents”

The story that formed the original inspiration for the inception of Options Plus Care (unplanned pregnancy counseling and support) was that of a mother who called Pastor Daniel Nalliah (our President) several years ago to tell him that her daughter had an unplanned pregnancy. Her daughter wanted to keep the baby but her partner, the father of the child, was urging her to have an abortion. Pastor Daniel invited the couple to come and see him. He patiently listened to both of their perspectives and then showed them a video which recounted the stories of how other couples were impacted after abortion. The video was a revelation to the man who turned to his pregnant partner and said that he would support her choice to have the baby. That ‘baby’ is now 21 years old and thriving in Queensland.

Our team at Options Plus Care is made up of different members of the community. There is a man who is now connected with our team who approached another member of our team, Yvonne, and said he had carried guilt around for pressuring his wife many years ago to have an abortion of an unplanned pregnancy.  His wife who had conceived before their marriage went through with the abortion, but he has never been able to shake the guilt of that decision. He was trying to cover the shame and prevent the financial burden by way of abortion but didn’t realize at the time how it would negatively affect him even to this day. He wonders how better life would be had he been a support to his wife. This inspired him to do what he can in assisting people now faced with this same decision by seeing what can be done to support them to have their child.

Another member of our staff has a friend whose son, Jack*, and his girlfriend had an unplanned pregnancy about four years ago. Jack wanted his girlfriend to keep the baby and was prepared to be a great support to her as were Jack’s parents, but she made up her mind to go ahead and abort. Jack was despondent as he had no choice in the matter, even though he was the father of the child.

Then there are the Grandparents who can play a crucial role to pressure a couple of individuals into having an abortion or assist in preventing one. There is the instance of my late sister, Nichole, who was 20 at the time. She was a beautiful and sociable young woman who men naturally flocked towards. She had a number of proposals over the years but the one who stole her heart was a man named Jamie*, who she met at Deakin Uni. An unplanned pregnancy eventuated. Jamie’s* parents pressured Jamie to pressure Nichole in to aborting the child. Nichole’s parents (my parents) quickly rallied to her side and made a commitment to help raise the child if she decided to see out the pregnancy. So, it was at the age of 20, Nichole gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Nichole was grateful for her decision.

Nichole’s story didn’t end there. She was struggling with ‘demons’ from the trauma of a gang rape that had occurred years previously. She eventually fell into drugs and some of the terrible choices that go with that lifestyle. I was told Nichole even had an abortion during that time and that was the decision from which she didn’t recover. It was as if that was one of the final straws for Nichole and the downward spiral over the years that followed led to her early death from prescribed medication toxicity at the age of 28. We all suffered for a long time from her passing, most of all our Mother. I can’t help but think that she may have overcome that too, had she followed through with the help.

Why many find themselves in the various situations described is complex and challenging.

The role of Options Plus Care is to assist through these stories. Support the women and/or their partners and consider what they need through the vulnerable time of unplanned pregnancy. Our team is made up of people who have been directly or indirectly impacted by the stories of unplanned pregnancies. We are a team that understands.

Options Plus Care is here to help.

We also are promoting an initiative called “Support an Unborn Child’.

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